【Fujitsu】 F6429 Magnetic Disk Unit

The F6429 magnetic disk unit featured five-inch hard disk drives and utilized high-density technology for greater storage capacities. On top of this, it was designed to save space and power. Fujitsu began shipping the F6429 in July 1994.

Complete systems could be constructed by connecting the F6429 to a F1700B or F1700S file control unit.* Three models — the F6429GA, F6429HA, and F6429KA — supported three different logical volume capacities — 1,260 MB, 1,890 MB, and 2,835 MB.

*The F1700 file control unit boosted the operational efficiency of the F6429. Fujitsu offered two types of file controllers: the F1700B for large systems and the F1700S for small systems.

The maximum recording capacity per unit for the F6429GA was 40 GB, for the F6429HA, 60 GB, and the F6429KA, 90 GB. The F6429 in a 32-drive configuration occupied half the space and used one-third the power of the previous F6427H model.

Specifications of the F6429 magnetic disk unit
  F6429GA F6429HA F6429KA
Initial shipping date 1994年7月
Storage capacities Per unit Basic configuration : 5.04 GB
Full configuration:40.32 GB
Basic configuration : 7.56 GB
Full configuration:60.48 GB
Basic configuration :11.34 GB
Full configuration:90.72 GB
Drive enclosure 1,260 MB1,890 MB2,835 MB
Expansion increment Expandable in four-drive enclosures
Track capacity 47,476 byte
Data transfer speed 4.5 MB/s
Average positioning time 10 ms12 ms12 ms
Average rotational latency 6.9 ms
Data format CKD variable
Device cross-call Four-path

Specifications of the F1700 file control unit
  F1700S F1700B
Data transfer speed Specifications of the F1700 file control unit 3.0 MB/s,4.5 MB/s
Optical channels 6.0 MB/s,9.0 MB/s
Number of channels   4 or 8  8, 16, 24, or 32
Number of simultaneously active channels   2 or 4  4, 8, 12, or 16

F6429 magnetic disk unit