【NEC】 iStorage S4100,S2100

In November 2000 NEC announced two models, the iStorage S4100 large, high-performance disk array unit and the iStorage S2100 mid-sized disk array unit. The iStorage S4100 supported storage area network (SAN) architectures and had a maximum storage capacity of 31 terabytes, the largest class of storage in the industry. It realized large-scale high-speed disk array subsystems with the use of an internal X-Bar bus, with a total performance of 12 GB per second, and a building block architecture that joined together disk enclosures.

Offering high reliability, high performance, and high availability in a mid-sized disk array unit, the iStorage S2100 had a fiber channel interface that supported up to 210 drives for a maximum capacity of 9 TB. For improved performance, it used the latest microprocessors and fiber channel controllers as well as two newly developed LSIs for array control.

Specifications of the iStorage S4100 / S2100 disk array units
  iStorage S4100 iStorage S2100
Host interface Fiber channel (200 MB/s) Fiber channel (100 MB/s)
Number of host ports 4 ー 32 4
Cache memory (mirrorable storage) 1 ー 32 512MB — 4GB
RAID levels RAID-1,RAID-5 RAID-1,RAID-5,Raid0+1
Hard disk specifications: drive interface Fibre Channnel (100 MB/s) Fibre Channnel (100 MB/s)
Hard disk specifications: capacity 18GB,36GB,73GB 18GB,36GB,73GB
Storage capacity [TB] 31 max. 9 max.
Number of drives Up to 960 (64 hot spares)
Up to 640 when using 73 GB drives
Up to 210
Up to 140 when using 73 GB drives
External dimensions [mm]:
basic / full configuration

600 x 900 x 1,650 (w x d x h) /
5,400 x 900 x 1,650 (w x d x h)

Basic: 482 x 554 x 393 (w x d x h) /
expansion disk enclosure: 482 x 554 x 131 (w x d x h)

iStorage S2130iStorage S4100, outside viewiStorage S4100, inside view