【NEC】 DSE1340A DSE1340S DSE2010A DSE2010S

In August 1995 NEC announced the DSE1340A and DSE2010A ATA 3.5-inch magnetic disk units and the DSE1340S and DSE2010S SCSI 3.5-inch magnetic disk units. All four models featured the industry’s highest storage capacity of 670 MB per disk. To increase the units’ storage capacity, NEC used PRML, a demodulation method that raises the head density and read efficiency. NEC achieved the highest available data transfer speeds — 16.6 MB per second — and read / write speeds — 10 MB per second — at the time by using PIO Mode 4, a high-speed external interface. And highly reliable disk array systems could be constructed because of a spindle synchronization function that ensured data reads and writes were in sync when using multiple disk units simultaneously. A variety of computer products were supported by providing ATA interface models for installation in personal computers and SCSI interface models for large-scale system construction.

Specifications of the DSE1340A and DSE2010A (ATA models) magnetic disk units
Storage capacity [MB] 1,340 / 2,010
Average seek time [ms] 11
Average rotational latency [ms] 6.6
Data transfer speeds [MB/s]
Read / write speed
Host transfer speed
5 ー 10
Disk diameter [inches] 3.5
Number of disks 2  or 3
Number of data recording heads 4  or 6
Read/Write cache(KB) 64/64
Disk rotational speed [rpm] 4,500
Recording density [bytes/inch] 107,000
Track density [tracks/inch] 4700
Recording format 8-9PRML
Overall external dimensions [mm] 101.6 x 146 x 25.4 (w x d x h)