【NEC】 D2713

NEC announced the D2713 thin-profile 2.5-inch magnetic disk unit in September 1994. The unit was only 12.5 millimeters thick, weighed just 140 grams, and had a formatted capacity of 352 MB, which was perfect for notebooks and other portable computers. The D2713 featured fast access times: the average read time was 14 milliseconds, the average write time was 15 milliseconds, the media data transfer speed was 4.4 MB per second, and the transfer speed to the host was 10.6 MB per second. It also had a large 128 KB cache memory for high end-to-end computer processing performance.

Specifications of the D2713 magnetic disk unit
Storage capacity [MB] 352
Average seek time [ms]

Average rotational latency [ms] 7.5
Data transfer speed [MB/s]
Media transfer speed
Interface transfer speed



Disk diameter [inches] 2.5
Number of disks 2
Number of data recording heads 4
Disk rotational speed [rpm] 4000
Recording density [bytes/inch] 74700
Track density [tracks/inch] 3670
Recording format 1-7RLL
Cache size [KB] 128
Weight [grams] 140
External dimensions [mm] 70 x 100 x 12.5 (w x d x h)