【NEC】 N7797

NEC announced the N7797 large-volume magnetic hard disk unit along with the ACOS System 3900 in March 1991. The N7797 contained up to 32 five-inch head disk assembly (HDA) spindles. Despite being the first large-volume hard disk unit to use the smaller five-inch-diameter disks, it still utilized advanced technologies — such as a thin-film magnetic head and thin-film (plated) magnetic disk media — for a smaller footprint, higher storage densities, and faster data transfers. The N7797 was also designed to reduce installation space, power consumption, and radiated heat.

Specifications of the N7797 magnetic disk unit (per HDA)
Storage capacity per spindle [GB] 1.53
Average seek time [ms] 12
Average rotational latency [ms] 5.6
Data transfer speed [MB/s] 4.5
Disk diameter [inches] 5
Disk diameter [inches] 32
Unit’s total storage capacity [GB] 49
Unit’s external dimensions [mm] 775 x 900 x 1,560 (w x d x h)