【Hitachi】 DK314C Magnetic Disk Unit

This unit was developed as a 3.5-inch SCSi HDD for OEM in the office computer, compact general-purpose computer, and EWS market.
Technically, this unit was positioned as an enhanced, brushed-up version of the technology developed with the DK312C, and it was realized as a combination of a sputtered disk, MIG head and a sector servo system. Memory capacity was enhanced by about 1.7 times, from the previous 250MB to 418MB, and this accelerated competition to reduce bit cost.

DK314-C Magnetic Disk Unit Specifications
Completion date 1990
Memory capacity per spindle 419Mbyte
Surface recording density 80Mbit/square inch
Disk size/quantity 3.5-inch sputtered/7disks
Head type/number per actuator Lightweight MIG/14
Average access time 16.8ms
Disk rotation speed 3,600rpm
Data transfer speed 2Mbyte/s

DK314C Magnetic Disk Unit