【Kyoto University】 KDC-1: Kyoto University's First Digital All-Purpose Electronic Computer

This was an electronic computer jointly developed by Kyoto University and Hitachi in 1959. It was developed based on the ETL Mark V of the Electrotechnical Laboratory, and was a practical machine -- the first germanium transistor computer for a Japanese university. It had a clock speed of 230KHz and floating point operation capability. A magnetic core matrix and magnetic tape unit were also developed, in addition to a magnetic drum. It began operating at the end of 1959, and Kyoto University established the first Japanese university computing center -- the Kyoto University Computing Center. The KDC-1 was installed there in 1960, and was jointly used for about 15 years. Later, it was commercialized by Hitachi as the HITAC 102B, and delivered to the Economic Planning Agency and other organizations. This machine was also notable because it was developed jointly by industry and academia, and was a Japanese produced machine used by governmental agencies.

KDC-1 Logic Package