【Hitachi】9000 Series3500/730FT and 750FT

Hitachi announced the 730FT and 750FT fault-tolerant UNIX servers in January 1995 as part of its 3500 series. The models began shipping in July 1995. The servers’ fault-tolerant functionality was derived from a quad processor redundancy (QPR) architecture, which had two redundant-processor systems (for a total of four processors).

The 730FT and 750FT permitted system expansion and component swapping without system interruptions. They also maintained API and ABI compatibility with 3500 series/3050RX group models.

  730FT 750FT
Processors PA-7100 80MHz×4 PA-7100 100MHz×4
Cache memory 512KB/processor×4 2MB/processor×4
Main memory capacity 64MB-1024MB×2
Disk capacity 2.1GB-567GB×2
Standard equipment Ethernet 1
RS-232C 4
Expandable I/O slots 4 x 2 (standard) or 7 x 2 (optional)

Hitachi 3500/730FT and 750FT