【Toshiba】DynaBook EZ486P

The DynaBook EZ486P was a notebook computer with a built-in printer. Announced in 1993, EZ486P was designed to be ready for use as soon as it was turned on, much like a dedicated word-processor machine. As such, it came with software preinstalled in ROM, including Ichitaro dash, Lotus 1-2-3 R2.3J, DynaBook menu, a scheduling manager, an address book, and other programs.

Specifications of the DynaBook EZ486P
External dimensions [mm] and weight 340 x 325 x 72 (w x d x h), 4.5 kg
Power supply 100 VAC
Power consumption 37W
25 MHz 486SX, upgradable to include a math coprocessor
Memory 2 MB, standard; 18 MB max.
Screen Monochrome LCD screen with a FL sidelight
640 x 480 pixels, VGA compatible
Thermal-transfer serial printer; resolution: 360 dpi; print speed: 105 characters/second (ANK), 70 characters/second (kanji); characters per line: 90 characters/line (ANK), 60 characters/line (kanji); typefaces: Courier/Elite (ANK), Minch (kanji)
Storage memory devices Floppy drive: 3.5-inch (1.44 MB / 1.2 MB/ 720 KB)
Hard drive: 2.5-inch in 80 / 120 / 200 / 340 MB options
Interfaces RS-232C, printer interface (Centronics), CRT interface (3-row, 15-pin RGB connector), PS/2 mouse interface
ROM-based software
MS-DOS V. 3.1, Ichitaro dash, Lotus 1-2-3 R2.3J, DynaBook menu, scheduling manager, address book

DynaBook EZ486P