【Toshiba】 T-5100

This was the world's first laptop computer equipped with a 32-bit microprocessor (80386). It was marketed by Toshiba in 1987. Even though it was equipped with a built-in high-capacity (40 megabyte) high-speed (average access time 29ms) HDD, it had a weight of 6.8kg -- similar to the T-3100.

The version of the T-5100 marketed in Japan was called the J-3100SGT. There were two models -- the Model 101 and Model 041 -- and they had the following features:

  1. 80386 (20MHz/16Mhz) CPU and 80387 co-processor (optional)
  2. Memory was a maximum of 4 megabytes (2 megabytes standard)
  3. FDD (1.2 megabyte) and HDD (100 megabyte/40 megabyte)
  4. The Standard operating system was Japanese MS-DOS 3.1. Operating systems such as Japanese MS OS/2 V1.1, and Japanese UX/386 (UNIX SVR3 + Japanese language processing capability) were available as an option.
  5. 640x400 dot 4-gradation plasma display

J-3100 SGTVersion of the T-5100 for the Japanese Market