【Casio】 Σ-8000

As the industry entered the 1970s, office computers began to evolve as computer systems due to the rapid development of electronic technology.
Announced in 1975, the Σ-8000 was early to adopt the floppy disk for external memory, and this was completely separated from the memory unit for programs. This eliminated pressure on the data area due to program size, and allowed data portability and storage.
A 30% cost reduction over previous systems was achieved by, for example, sharing semiconductors and components developed for previous Casio calculators, and sharing production lines.

Main Specifications
●Program Control
System: Stored program, 74 instructions, 1024 steps
Device: Floppy disk
Capacity: 39kwx2 (1w=15 digits + sign)
Memory system: FM contact system
System: Impact serial, 128 characters/line
Speed: 1,800 characters/line