【Fujitsu】 Mid-Size FACOM M-100 Series

The first series of mid-size machines in Fujitsu's M Series of general-purpose machines was comprised of three models -- the FACOM M-130, M140, and the FACOM M-160S, a mass-market version of the large FACOM M-160. This series was announced in May 1977.

Just like the large FACOM M-100 Series which was announced previously, the mid-size FACOM M-100 Series had adequate international compatibility and superior cost-performance. The series used bipolar LSI with 600gates/chip for logic elements, and was the first machine in the world in this class to use 16Kbit/chip MOS memory for memory elements. Just like the large FACOM M-100 Series, this series had a service processor (SVP) independent of the CPU as standard equipment, and was equipped with console capability, as well as RAS functions for greater system reliability and availability, such as system state monitoring, error logging and recovery processing for when errors occur, and preventive diagnosis

The mid-size FACOM M-100 Series F Model was announced in April 1979 as an enhanced machine.

Mid-Size FACOM M-100 Series Specifications
Model name M-130 M-140 M-160S
Announcement date May 1977
CPU Number 1
Main element 600gate/chip bipolar LSI
Buffer storage capacity - 8/16KB 16KB
Memory unit Memory element N-MOS IC memory (16Kbit/chip)
Cycle time 720ns/4B 630ns/4B 510ns/4B
Memory capacity 128-512KB 128KB-1MB 256KB-2MB
Check function ECC (1bit automatic error correction, 2bit error detection)
Maximum number of provided channels 4 6 8

(Note) The above specifications are from the time of announcement, and may have been changed due to later improvement.