【Oki Electric Industry】 OPC-1

The OPC-1 (OKI Parametron Computer-1) was a parametron-based "all-purpose automatic computer" (as it was referred to at the time). It was finished in 1959. It could connect with a variety of input/output devices, and was designed primarily as an accounting and business processing system. It used a program control system based on patch cord wiring for linking with paper card processing devices. To speed up business calculations, the 1+1 address system and the data parallel movement system were used in some of the arithmetic circuits. The machine used approximately 6,000 parametron elements, 130 vacuum tubes and 300 transistors. A magnetic drum was used for the main memory, and the input/output equipment included a all-purpose input/output unit (electric typewriter), photoelectric tape reader, line printer and paper card reader/punch.

OPC-1 Specifications
Announcement date March 1959
Control system Program memory system and wiring control system
Numerical values Signed 1 digit, mantissa 2 digits, numerical part 6 digits
Instruction system 1+1 address system
Instruction types 24
Arithmetic system Internal decimal, Switching between fixed and floating point
Memory unit Low-speed magnetic drum, 1000 words
Arithmetic speed Addition/Subtraction 6ms, Multiplication 70ms, Division 80ms
Elements used Parametrons: Approx. 6,000
Vacuum tubes: Approx. 130
Transistors: Approx. 300
Required power Approx. 2kVA