"Information Processing Technology Heritage" Certification Criteria

IPSJ certifies "Information Processing Technology Heritage" in order to preserve historical materials related to information processing technology, fruits of our pioneers' efforts, as a means for coming generations to study history and technology.

Certification Guidelines

IPSJ certifies a material or a document which shows history of information processing technology development and is recognized as to meet following conditions:

1) Technological outcome or product
-unique or original in the period
-performance was outstanding in the period
-made a epoch in the history of information processing technology development
-contributed to create a new industry
-had big technological ripple effect on others
-prominent inventions in manufacturing technology
-became Japanese or the world standard technology
-unique Japanese technology, not found in foreign countries
-the first or the oldest among existing materials
-operational or in good condition maintaining the original figure
-special originality in the design
-has important educational value in succession of information processing technology

2) Information processing technology/system contributed greatly to the life, culture, economy and society.
- contributed to development of people's living and creation of new life style.
-shows important phenomenon in the relation between information processing technology and society/culture

Target material for certification

-component, circuit board, unit, system, document such as blue print and drawing, hardware including peripheral device
-software including recording media and related document

Further, followings could be the target of certification:
-a communication product/technology having close relation with information processing
-a foreign product/technology recognized as valuable

Certification Conditions

As a principle, it is required for the owner of the material to agree with following conditions:
-IPSJ to announce the certification of the material.
-to make the certified material open to the people who has interest as much as possible.
-to make effort to preserve the certified material and to inform IPSJ in advance about sale, transfer or disposal of the material.

Certification Criteria

A material which meets each of following terms and whose value is recognized by IPSJ Special Committee on Historical Computers is certified as Information Processing Technology Heritage.
-meets some of the certification guidelines above
-mass produced, but very few are existing
-older or better conditioned in case many similar materials exist
-owner of the material agrees certification conditions above

-a material preserved or displayed in a museum is not excluded
-a material preserved in foreign countries is not excluded
-those who own same type material of the certified one may claim that he or she owns same type material as Information Processing Technology Heritage.

Target Period

There is no restriction regarding the period of item to be certified.

Cancellation of the certification

The certification may be cancelled in the following cases:
-new fact that does not meet the certification guideline is found
-certified material is found to be a fake
-damage is very severe, losing the value as a heritage

"The Satellite Museum of Historical Computers"

Organization where Information Processing Technology Heritages or similar historical materials are collected and preserved may be certified as "The Satellite Museum of Historical Computers".
Conditions, guidelines, target period, cancellation, etc. of certification are to follow those of Information Processing Technology Heritage.