The USAC-1010 was at the forefront in helping to spread the office computer during its infancy

The USAC-1010 was at the forefront in helping to spread the office computer during its infancy

Manufactured in 1966
Manufactured by Unoke Electronic Industries (now, PFU LIMITED)
Location of historical materials PFU LIMITED (headquarters),
Nu 98-2 Unoke, Kahoku-shi, Ishikawa 929-1192 Japan
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The USAC-1010, an origin of some of successful office computer models, was first manufactured in 1963, a time when the use of office computers was just beginning to spread. The USAC-1010, an ultra-small computer (cost: 5.5 million yen or more) at that time, was mainly used for office works of organizations such as local governments and computing centers. This machine was widely used for small-scale batch processing, and it helped contribute to the modernization of the office.

This USAC-1010 allowed easy input of Katakana characters, alphabetical characters, special characters, and other characters from a computer, and was suitable for everyday office work. In addition, by being equipped with a high-speed paper tape puncher and a photoelectric paper tape reader that had previously only been available in mid-size or larger computers, a high processing speed could be achieved by the USAC-1010 despite its compact size.

As a pioneer in civil service modernization, Fujiyoshida City Hall became the first local government user of the USAC-1010. After this, the USAC-1010 was introduced in many other local governments across Japan.

Main specifications:

35 instructions (instruction system inherited from the USAC-3010, 7 types of conditional jump instructions, 6 digits per word)

Add-subtract speed using 250kHz-Dynamic logical circuits of 1.25ms

Use of core memory for the main memory (basic 200 words, maximum of 1000)

Suitable for everyday office work (punching and printing of Katakana characters, alphabetical characters, and special characters)