MCC board equipped with MB11K LSI packages

The MCC board equipped with the MB11K LSI packages

The MCC board equipped with the MB11K LSI packages

Manufactured in 1976
Manufactured by Fujitsu Limited
Owner Fujitsu Limited
Location of historical materials Fujitsu Numazu Plant
140 Miyamoto Numazu-shi, Shizuoka Japan 410-0396
Visitor information Open to the public (Reservation required)

This exhibited board is a PCB (printed circuit board) called MCC (Multi-Chip Carrier) which is a high density board on which the MB11K LSI packages are mounted. The MCC and the MB11K were developed for the world's first LSI-based high-end mainframe models, Amdahl 470/V6 and FACOM M-190. These contributed definitely to make the performance of the two mainframe models high. The exhibited board was manufactured at August 1976.

The MB11K is an LSI series of ECL gate array with a hundred gates on a 4mm square silicon chip. The LSI was jointly developed by Amdahl and Fujitsu. At that time a chip of the MB11K competed to an ordinary PCB mounted dozens of IC (integrated circuit) chips. Additionally, though ordinary ICs needed dozens of nanoseconds of gating time, the MB11K shortened the time into 700 picoseconds. To enable a LSI package being higher density and higher speed, it is a key to solve an overheating problem. For the MB11K, the radiator on its top with unique fins was an answer to solve the problem.

To use more effectively the ability of MB11K, the MCC was strongly demanded higher printing density. To meet the demand, SMT (surface mount technology), the latest mount technology at that time, and a multilayer technology were adopted to the MCC. The MCC exhibited has ten-layer interconnect structure in 2.3mm thick. The packaging density of it is more than ten times of that of the former PCBs made by Fujitsu.