Automated Teller Terminal AT-20P

Automated Teller Terminal AT-20P

Automated Teller Terminal AT-20P

Manufactured in 1977
Manufactured by Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Owner Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Location of historical materials Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Takasaki Office
3-1 Futaba-cho, Takasaki-shi, Gunma 370-8585, Japan
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In Japan, bank has started the introduction of the online system since the 1960s. Then, when the 1970s, all business of bank has become online processing as well as deposit and exchange.

OKI☆1 delivered the first machine of the online cash dispenser type M (CD) to the Fuji Bank, in December 1970. Nippon Cash Service Ltd (NCS) was a CD service company invested joint by city banks, local banks and mutual banks. NCS started online services by shared use CD in November 1974, and CD has spread rapidly since 1975.

OKI started to develop automatic depository (AD) having a function of deposit in 1974, and OKI has developed AT-20P as the first of automated teller machine (ATM), that combined with the AD and CD, in April 1977 after seven years from the first CD.

Micro-Processing Unit (MPU) was evolved to an 8-bit performance in the 1970s, and the main control unit of the AT-20P was evolved from the minicomputer to the microcomputer, and the mechanism control unit was evolved from the IC circuit to the LSI circuit. In addition, the control system of AT-20P was evolved from hardware control to software control.

AT-20P was realized the ATM service for the first time in Japan, and also contributed to the practical application of mechatronics that was evolved mechanisms and control highly.

☆1 OKI is the global brand name of Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.