Japanese Computer Pioneers

Ozeki MasanoriOzeki Masanori

Ozeki was born 29 Jan. 1924, and graduated from the electricity department Tokyo University on Spt. 1946, and went into the Ministry of Transportation on Nov. 1946.

Since 1950 I went to newly born Japanese National Railways (JNR) automatically. In 1952 I was engaged in automatization of JNR telephone switching systems. And first made central switching office of JNR telephone network full automaized. In 1956 I moved to Hakodate and made first crossbar telephone switching office. Ater then, in 1951 moved to Headquarter of JNR, and planed the technical standards of JNR telephone network. In 1968 I became the chief of communication section of Headquarter of JNR. And then, developed MARS-105 which was train seat-reservation system, and at that time one of the biggest system in the world.

In 1978 I retired from JNR, and moved to Hitachi Ltd. on 1979. And in 1982 became the chief of Office Automation (OA) Division.

In 1987 JNR was devided and privatized, and at that time I became the first president of newly born Railway Technical Research Institution.

Ozeki was also President of Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) from May 1985 to April 1987.

(As of Aug. 29, 2003)

He died on January 1, 2014.