Japanese Computer Pioneers

Enomoto HajimeEnomoto Hajime

Enomoto Hajime was born on Feb.16, 1925 in Yokohama, Japan. He attended Ministry of Postal Service, KDD, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Fujitsu Co. Ltd., and Shibaura Institute of Technology. After engaging the work of technical standard of radio regulation, he performed the research of statistical properties of fading phenomena applying information theory and turbulence, and developed computer control systems for communications. Through these researches, be proposed totalized principle of amplifiers, and concept structure of software architecture, conbining concepts of structures of confrontation and integrations.

In 1960, he developed first solid-state PCM coder by using tunnel diodes in the world, and realized predictive bandwidth reductions system for color TV system. Connecting relation of information and its topological characteristics was proposed, and synthesis algorithm of recognition codes of data was established in 1962. This research results have a close relations with orthogonal transform coding scheme, especially slant component is newly introduced in 1966. General algorithm defining a set of base vectors of orthogonal matrix is proposed in 1992.

Based on above image analyses, he introduced geometrical manifold theory into mode features on vector space of color images and concepts of structure lines are proposed in 1971 and 1987.

In order to describe generic properties of all kind of objects, confrontation and hierarchical integration schemes are introduced in language structure. Concepts of service are also introduced in order to give close relations between names of articles and relational data for the interface function in 1986 and 1990, and logical model of service is defined for description of any field object.

Based on above framework, TELL (Total Elaboration Language) is developed for specification porpose, and WELL (Window based Elaboration Language) is developed for descriptions of any field in 1982 and 1992 respectively.

WELL shows wide availabilities for producing a many kind of multimedia contents and realization system of intentions for many classes of users including beginners.

Enomoto died on May 13, 2010.

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